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We are Jer and Sal, and for several years now we have thrown our famous (and occasionally infamous) Python Party
and felt it was time to share it with the world. I (Jer) have always been a huge Monty Python fan.
Sal was relatively new to it all when I met her, but through my years of effort I have corrupted her and she is coming along swimmingly. Together, we have created a unique and crazy amusement, jest, distraction, undertaking, diversion, frolic, pursuit... which we call PYTHON PARTY!


"What is a Python Party?", you may ask.

Imagine, if you will, grown men frolicking in gingham dresses and wigs,
a plethora of silly walks, singing vikings, the Spanish Inquisition (which we didn't’t expect), a frenzy of papier mache', great gobs of gumbies, historical re-enactments, dead parrot pinatas,
and hours of trivial mayhem!

In short it is a theme party devoted to Monty Python.

         Gumby and fairy           paying attention      Scotsman(not on a horse) more naughty bits (and wife)

Oh but it is much more than that...

It's a bit Gamey
It is more than watching the sketches.  There is a game involved.  The game varies from year to year (see the Games page),  but it always has us watching the videos and quizzing the guests.  This is a great way to introduce someone to Monty Python,  and people do not need to know anything about them before the party.  Sal and I decide what we are going to watch beforehand,  and hand pick what sketches we watch (not necessarily entire episodes).  DVDs are a great asset in this because we easily navigate to specific sketches.  We have found that four discs per party are the ideal number because you get plenty of material to watch,  but also allows more variety for the next party.  After viewing a disc we then play the game and give points for correct answers.  We make the questions of variable toughness and give point amounts accordingly.  OK it's all pretty cut and dry so far.  Not particularly silly or unique,  sounds pretty normal.  However if you throw a party like ours...

There will be consequences
When we play the game,  if someone gets an answer wrong they have to do a consequence.  If they get an answer right they pick someone else to do a consequence.  Either way someone is doing something silly every question.  The consequences also vary from year to year.  Some are episode specific,  such as "you're the Spanish Inquisition"  or "sing the lumberjack song".  Others are perennial such as "you're a Pepperpot"  or "You're a Gumby",  as these characters appear in many, many episodes.  For those new to Monty Python a pepperpot is when they dress as women,  and a gumby is a dim-witted character that wears a handkerchief as a hat.  We make some of the costumes ourselves and buy other things like dresses at thrift stores.  I  go to the cheapest thrift store because I can get uglier dresses that unflatter any figure.  Also I buy the larger sizes so they are easy to get on/off over the peoples regular clothes.  One year I went to our local Salvation Army,  but the dresses were all too nice (they are getting pickier).  Other costumes we made ourselves,  and other consequences may be as simple as "sit in the comfy chair" or "do a silly walk".  The consequences are drawn by the guests at random from "The Gumby Ark of the Consequence" (introduced at Python Party III)

It is one of Sal's many papier mache creations.  She makes one almost every year.  And let me tell you when Sal is doing her papier mache, there is no lead, there is no follow,  there is just get out of the way.  Her Masterpiece, though, was from Python Party VI,  when we watched "The Meaning of Life" and she made Mr. Creosote.
Some of the papier mache creations are given as prizes.  Oh yes,  I almost forgot.  At the end of the game the people are awarded prizes based on how many points they have.  First prize is usually a Monty Python product such as a t-shirt or CD.  Other prizes might be things we used in the game, such as the papier mache, and the lowest points usually get cheap toys and goodies from a dollar store. So those are the basics,  more details are on the Games page.  Lastly,  here is a simple set of rules we follow:
1.  Be silly.
2.  Anyone not in a costume should be targeted quickly.
3.  Be silly
4.  Anyone showing signs of sanity should be told to stop immediately.
5.  Be silly.
6.  There is no rule 6.

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